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Amit  Bhar is a worshipper of beauty in and out . Beauty and paradise combine to create a cadence on his canvas wherever he uses his brush. His works is resplendent with the rapture of poetic brilliance. The place in nature evident is a lush green village scenario; its unique rhythm wrapped in love is reflected in Amit’s making. The abundance of Bengal chooses itself on his canvas. He was born in the plains around the Gangetic region of Hooghly. His life is amply focused in his works. His canvas reflects softness and sweetness at the same time. At present he is a resident of Bengalore and has been staying here for   a long span. Inspite of that his heart has its deeper roots in the Soil of Bengal. The zenith and nadir of musical rhythm touching up on his creations is overtly witnessed. ,

Venue : Artequest ArtGallery ,Mumbai .
Date : 17 - 25 Nov 2018 ,