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All my childhood village stories have got deeply emerged in me, after I’ve started painting I was always tried to depict the village and its feel in my paintings.

Later on I’ve realised it was nearly impossible for me to compress whole natural beauty into a small piece of canvas, then after a prolonged struggle I’ve chosen symbolism. Then I’ve tried to symbolise the village atmosphere with a beautiful young lady, her blue colour indicates the sensitive and pleasant nature of an Indian village. Big circular red bindu on her forehead is a contrasting element which grabs focus towards the Indian culture and tradition.

All my paintings provokes immerse relation between the villagers and other residents i.e., plants, animals, birds etc., which involves in their daily lifestyle.

However all the human gestures shown in my paintings are generally performed limited in daily lifestyle, but in my paintings I’ve made those joyful movements permanent and everlasting.

My birth has taken place in a small village of Andhra Pradesh.

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